My ride or die, my day 1, my best friend, my person. Do we understand the significance behind these titles? Too often we throw it around and as a result, it has lost its substance. Too often we fail to live up to these expectations because we don’t want the responsibility that comes with it. Too often the people we want to hold these titles are not worth it because they aren’t the people they make themselves out to be. We do our best to be what we want out of others. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” The hard reality is that of all the time and effort we put into the people around us, almost all of them aren’t worth it. Hell, there have been moments where I question if I am worth the attention and effort from those who care about me because of the person I was. For those we decide to let inside of our bubble, a standard is expected to be met. Part of this standard lies with the one who creates it. We cannot expect others to do things for us that we won’t do for others. Once this standard has been communicated, consistency must follow. We all are human. We make mistakes. But there is no excuse for lying, deception, and selfishness. Most problems aren’t as big as they seem if they are rooted in miscommunication. But the moment one decides to be dishonest and you find out about it, it hurts. Because there are few feelings worse than betrayal. Knowing you invested so much of yourself into someone else because of the person you believed them to be. Knowing they have been using you and playing you for a fool for God knows how long. The fact that they took your loyalty, your honesty, your kindness, and your care for granted. It’s a big deal. Take a look around at the people surrounding you. Now look in the mirror. Where does your inconsistency lie?

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