Emotional Investment

How many people do you trust with your heart? We try our best to be unselfish and to do the right thing on a consistent basis, but if there is no payoff or benefit for what we do, it becomes a struggle to maintain our efforts. Unfortunately, many people expect to be rewarded for being a decent human being, and when no reward is given, focus becomes self-centered. What can you do for me? What will I get out of this? If they won’t do it, neither will I. Perhaps this is the safer route in the individualistic society we are in. But what about those who go the extra mile? It only becomes harder to maintain your effort. To maintain your sanity and peace of mind, it is vital that we do not share our hearts and emotions for the wrong reasons. No one is obligated to reciprocate how you feel about them. They are not selfish for not doing what you did for them. This is not a contest for who cares more. No one asked you to go the extra mile. That is why you must check your intentions at the door every single day. Once you live to give everything to others who don’t give back, you will fight every day to keep your soul intact. Going the extra mile effectively requires emotional discipline which is an extremely hard thing to conquer. Altruistic behavior is like a muscle and must be worked consistently for it to prosper. Surround yourself with people who love you. Love yourself and love them for reasons bigger than yourself. It will come back around one way or another.

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