Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it? The battle of keeping it close to the vest or taking a leap of faith and allowing yourself to be vulnerable? We have so many unanswered questions that we want to be answered. Why do I feel this way? Which direction should I take? Do they feel the same way? Am I wasting my time and energy on them? Questions fueled by doubt and uncertainty. Questions held up by a mixture of attraction and genuine admiration. Questions we can’t ask the person we want to ask the most. Having feelings is a beast few have been able to tame. Is it worth it? Previous interactions with the opposite sex feeding into your insecurities. My heart has been broken in the past, what makes this time around any different? They’re all the same. I can do better by myself. I can be the best to them and at any moment the relationship can collapse. They’ll use me. I’m not good enough. I’m not attractive enough. I’m not cool enough. The heartbreak. Unappreciated effort. Lies. Deception. Games. Is it worth it? Fulfilled promises. Experiencing love that lifts you out of the deepest of valleys. Comfortable silence. Unwavering eye contact. Late night pillow talks. The passion and intimacy behind closed doors. The security you feel being held. Growing through life with your best friend. No games. A genuine relationship. Unconditional love. Is it worth it? Risking friendship for more? Being someone you’re not? Tossing your values aside for them? Sacrifice? Putting them on a pedestal? Loving them more than ourselves? We can only love as much as we have been loved. We can only be care about others as much as we have been cared for. Be honest…are you worth it?

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