Making Use Of Your Power

“Power is when we have every justification to kill, but we don’t.”

Power is when a person possesses or exercises authority or influence, or when we have a great or marked ability to do or act. With great power comes great responsibility. As cliché as that saying has become, I’m not sure we are aware of how powerful we are as individuals. One of the only difference between the Hitler’s, Mussolini’s, Presidents, and everyday individuals when it comes to power is how many are influenced. It’s understood in this world that those with money and resources have a larger sphere of influence which translates to more power. However, the principle of power and its significance is equal across the board.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you empower others and are empowered by others every day of your life. Those times you feel vulnerable about what you have said or done? You have empowered others with the ability break you down from the inside out. How you feel when people confide in you and confess their feelings/shower you with praise? You have been empowered with that same ability. It is a rather cynical way to view the exchanges between people and, unfortunately, it is a common reality that happens far too often. Abuse of power. I have been astonished at the amount of times I have seen and/or heard someone say “I don’t trust anyone.” While that is not a terrible statement, the irony of it all is that these are the same individuals that claim to be trustworthy.

The underlying issue in this dilemma is the lack of awareness of how much power we have. Being a real friend, let alone a real individual is hard work on its own. The responsibilities of being loyal, reliable, trustworthy and noble while keeping yourself together is not always what it is made out to be in our minds. It can be quite taxing. For this reason, it cannot be stressed enough that this is not an arms race. We all have the ability to empower others and be empowered. The family you have, the company you keep, the relationship you have with a significant other; each instance requires each person to work together to create balance, maintain it, and build. Trust, clear communication, and effort will have to occur for this balance to be created and for symbiotic empowerment to be achieved.  It isn’t always about who has the most, it’s more about who uses it the best. How are you using it and why?

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