The Paths We Take

“You know what’s funny? Is that parallel lines are never meant to interact with each other and then you have lines that do and I don’t know what’s more sad, having someone so close to you forever and nothing comes from it or experiencing an intimate moment with someone and never crossing paths again…”

I am willing to bet that everyone has come across situations such as these. You meet someone for the first time and you instantly hit it off. It feels as if both sides have found a missing piece of their puzzle. But the paths only synchronize for one intimate moment and diverge at the next. Or perhaps it takes a few moments for each side to get acclimated to one another before a relationship develops and picks up steam. We enjoy interacting with others and we crave closeness with those who are like us. However, life is short. As much as it is overlooked, we came in this world one deep and we will leave this world that way. No matter how close you get with another person, we can never be one in the same. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing that this phenomenon can’t occur. There is a gift in individuality. What makes us alike and what makes us unique drives the closeness that we crave. Opposites attracting may not hold as true as we like to believe, but it is encouraging to know that you can build a lasting friendship/relationship with someone who similar to you. It’s important to know what trajectory the people in your life are headed and what trajectory you are wanting to take. Where am I going?  How close do I want this person in my life? Are they helping or hindering my path? Are they worth crossing over for? Will the chase of experiencing moments of convergence jeopardize my trajectory? For all one knows, the real tragedy could be that one lives and dies without experiencing one moment of intimacy.

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