10 Percent: What It Takes To Grow

We have heard it time and again. “It’s the little things that matter most.” It’s what separates the good from the great, and the great from the excellent. It’s the points you have to work for to get an A in class. The little things are what make the relationship you decide to keep worth it in the long run. I am convinced that we are willing to give at 90% of ourselves to hobbies, passions, and other people if we feel the investment is worth it. And why wouldn’t we? When we yearn for something or someone hard enough, we put significant effort into it for a variety of reasons.

But what about the remainder? That 10% left in the tank? What are we doing with it and why are we so reluctant to use it on a consistent basis?

Perhaps I am alone in battling this mental handicap. But I would like to think that I am not the only one. I have struggled and continue to struggle utilizing the 10% I know I have to expend toward whatever I’m doing on a consistent basis. It’s the doubts of a failed outcome. An apprehensive attitude clouding my judgement. A possibility that my 100% won’t ever be enough to get it done. These mental blocks are what hold me back. Sometimes my mind gets so stuck on the outcome of failure that I lose perspective that failure is really another opportunity to improve so I can accomplish my goal. It can be infuriating at times.  I have come to the realization that it’s important to maximize these opportunities of self-improvement because life and time are both limited; we don’t get many opportunities to fail more than once.  Giving 100% all the time to everything may not be possible. But we can always attempt to. We can form it into a habit that can result in huge strides in personal development and a mental fortitude to overcome obstacles.

I hope and pray the journey you are taking in life right now is a fulfilling, but challenging one.  We all have that ideal person we want to be 10 years from now. 20 years from now. And so on. Work to get out of your own way so you can grow into the person you were destined to be.

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