What Does It Mean To Be A Blessing?

Have you ever asked yourself how you felt when someone told you that you are a blessing to them? When they heap countless praises upon you because of what you are to them, how do you respond? From personal experience, I do not handle this well. Don’t get me wrong, it is humbling and encouraging to know that my actions are acknowledged and have made a profound impact. However, it has caused me to feel uncomfortable because I believe that we are all equal in God’s eyes, and so much praise triggers a need to self-deprecate because I don’t want to think of myself so highly that a pattern of condescendence and self-entitlement challenges my intentions. Whether you want to call it a defense mechanism or a lack of self-confidence, I think it is important to understand the significance of being a blessing.

The benefits of this particular designation can be hard to resist because of what it means for us. As easy as it is to dismiss our importance in the grand scheme of things, being aware of how our influence is affecting others is self-gratifying and is a blessing in itself. Something about instilling hope in a friend or family member who is in the depths of adverse circumstances or simply being present in a time where words need an ear to fall on, empowers us to pursue this feeling of being a blessing. And in return, our efforts can reap blessings in the likes of love and loyalty; key pieces for effective relationships with others. Even the growth of a positive reputation reverberates to those you don’t know because of what you have done. How can being a blessing ever be a bad thing?

I’m glad you asked. Like the fine line between love and hate, there also exists a fine line between your intentions of your actions. It does not seem like a big deal in the moment, but we must work hard to keep in perspective the responsibility of being a blessing. While the praise and self-importance can be uplifting, it can be manifested into mix of ascendancy and half-heartedness if left unchecked. You may begin to feel like interacting with those who deemed you a blessing to become more of a job and less of an act of kindness. The intent becomes self-centered. The need to be praised and dependable takes precedent over why you acted in the first place. And in the worst circumstance, this pattern of behavior can ultimately lead to the demise of the emotional temperament and the sanity of those you have influenced. I know this is a cynical way to look at this but I have seen and experienced it numerous times. Do not be discouraged. There have been moments in our lives where we have acknowledged (internally or externally) that the people we have chosen to surround ourselves with have been a blessing we cannot have fathomed to ask for. Perhaps this perspective is key in keeping ourselves clothed in humility. You never know who is watching and being influenced by you so it would not hurt to examine ourselves and work to perpetuate a positive energy that contributes to society. What can you do to make this happen?

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