What Does Friendship Mean to You? Pt.1

“At times, I don’t know if I have any friends. And if I do, I couldn’t tell you how many. I’m not saying I could care less about friendship. I understand very well the importance friendships have in our lives. We have lived in such an unforgiving world for so long that it has become normal to cut people off at any moment. Trust has become nearly impossible to gain from someone else. Acts of kindness and generosity are now perceived as weakness; a tactic to gain the upper hand. Apathy is normal. And I get it. I’ve done it many times. I feel secure when I’m not vulnerable. I feel secure when I have the upper hand. It’s so much easier not caring about people and their feelings. Honestly though? Deep down, I think I’m running away from what I long for. I have a big heart. I’m loyal. I know I can be a great friend. It’s just hard. Why commit to something that can betray you at any moment? Every single day, I see something happen that solidifies the idea of friendship being absolutely terrible. But I’ve seen true friendship. It gives me hope to try again. What do I have to do to get it?”

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